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Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

blue waffle disease

Von blogovids, 20:21
HSV - 2 usually causes genital herpes , which is sometimes accompanied by fever , headache , muscle pain . Herpes infection usually begins with mild numbness , itching and unpleasant feeling in the area where the bubbles break . After the outbreak of bubbles , their contents clears the blur , the bubbles burst and the resulting lesions that are usually covered with scabs . These changes are accompanied by a feeling of pain and burning sensation . Almost half of the people who have had genital herpes will have a relapse ( reappearance of the disease ) . The average duration of recurrences of genital herpes is 10 days. In the active stage of the disease a person is extremely contagious . Transmission: The virus is transmitted from person to person if the person sexual contact , or through mucous membranes in contact with herpes others . Herpes can be spread if not present herpetic changes . HSV spreads through skin and mucous membranes , so HIV + people should pay attention to the possibility of getting a virus and thus further protect your immune system they std blue waffles information Herpes and HIV infection : There is evidence that the infection rate of genital HSV increases the likelihood that a person is infected with HIV. In people with HIV , herpes occurs more frequently and last longer . Sometimes I have herpes ( bubble ) can be further infected with a bacteria or fungus . Herpes often affects a larger area of ​​the disease , but can also affect the throat , colon and other organs such as the liver , lungs and eyes . Herpes encephalitis affects the brain and causes headache , nausea , mental changes , loss of coordination and seizures . Although very rarely occurs in people with HIV , it can be fatal if it occurs . HIV-positive individuals in whom herpetic changes last longer than 4 weeks are diagnosed with AIDS. std blue waffles information There is some evidence that HSV can act as a co - factor in AIDS and HIV and activated to facilitate its infection of healthy cells . Diagnosis : Diagnosis of HSV infection should be based on examination and diagnostic tests . Therefore , it is advisable to visit your doctor to get you headed in the required examinations . trypophobia test and trypophobia information trypophobia information trypophobia